Black steel for "new" Rolex black ceramic Ditong Na new appreciation

In the past few years, the Rolex steel section of Daytona style less pitiful, and in many Rolex counter, or even only see a Daytona, sometimes a black plate, and sometimes a white plate , At that time, the black disc of Daytona than the white disc of the popular more. This year, along with the use of black ceramic ring Rolex, Rolex "black and white Shuangsha" Daytona finally re-emergence of a new look, I believe this will be more popular than the past Daytona. Following the steel ring has been after the replica rolex watches first time this year, Rolex will be applied to the black ceramic Duitunna bezel on top, for many labor powder, this is of great significance. Above the black ceramic bezel, rolex replica uk use PVD technology, the scale in the bezel covered with a layer of platinum, so that the speed scale is still clear and eye-catching. Rolex classic crown, logo under the three small dots, remains the same. Compared to the original steel bezel, ceramic ring obviously has more meaning, perhaps even more gentle, and perhaps more high-tech, and also is more modern. Of course, in addition to bezel, the new swiss replica watches Daytona did not make other significant changes, which will allow the original Daytona lovers easier to accept, and upgrade. Summary: Although the black disk Daytona this year for the "new clothes", but from the current situation, it seems that the white plate to be more popular. However, the black steel Di popular for so long, naturally has its classic place, then the two old partner, who do you prefer?